Create Ministry Opportunities For Your Kids Now!

Your kids are talented. God uniquely gifted every one of them with special abilities so they can serve and glorify Him. And your kids want to make a difference in people’s lives … not tomorrow, not when they’re older … NOW!

MEGA Ministry Camp propels kids’ energy into creative, hands-on, personal ministry they can start today.

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What Makes MMC Special?

MMC develops active Christians who understand the value and benefit of serving those around them. Kids have a blast trying out skills like drama, cardmaking, and cooking to find their unique gifts. At the same time, they explore how to use those skills to serve others in practical ways.
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Free Sample Download

See for yourself how MMC is structured. You’ll be suprised how fun and easy it is to use.

Life & Ministry Skills: Cooking Sample Lesson
Ministry Now: Sample Lesson

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Peek Inside the Bag

Everything you need to get started comes in this handy backpack.

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